Best Onion Choppers In 2019 – Kitchen Product Reviews

It has been discovered that the better the blade is if trimming the onion, the irritant is released, which means you have got a smaller chance of tearing up and rubbing at your eyes. That irritant is Propanethiol S-oxide, a sulfur compound which stimulates your eye lacrimal glands -- it's why you get started crying. There is nothing worse than the sting of your eyes after cutting an onion while you prepare a meal. Everyone who spends some time at the kitchen understands the burning feeling that onions are famous for giving away after they've been cut, and everybody immediately regrets selecting onions as a component once they begin to sense it. Folks have tried rubbing Vaseline beneath their noses, taping their noses, and clipping their nostrils shut with straps and clothes pins, all to prevent the smell. They have tried wearing eyeglasses, goggles, and sprays to keep the onion's chemical irritant from penetrating and making them water up like you just walked from the thea…